Benefits To Your Organization

In the often high-stress world of work, this looks like
increasing capacity, connection,​ and performance while
​decreasing workplace issues such as stress, burnout, and fatigue.

Factors that Limit Resilience:

Chronic Stress

Constant Distraction

Inadequate Breaks​

Factors that ​Expand Resilience:

Self Regulation

Connection to Others


Developing Resilient Leaders, Workers & Organizations.

Resilient Leaders


​Higher Optimism

Increased Satisfaction

Increased Creativity

Resilient Employees


​Increased Performance

Increased Productivity

Increased Engagement

Resilient Organizations


​Increased Profitability

Decreased Turnover

Decreased Mistakes

Increase Range of Resilience

Primary Program Outcome

Our primary goal is to expand the range of resiliency with those we work with. One way to look at this is expanding one’s capacity before they experience a significant amounts of stress. There is a well researched skill-set for resiliency that we call The 6 Pillars of Resiliency. When targeting these 6 pillars with our clients, we’ve found that the expansion of one’s range is the natural outcome.

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