After spending 8 years embedded in research and clinical practice centered around chronic stress among high-level professionals, we have developed three core beliefs:


1. Chronic Stress results in adverse impacts…

for both leaders and employees and ultimately negatively impacts those they serve.


2. Chronic
Stress is contagious…

leading to organizational dysfunction that causes entire human ecosystems to become unbalanced.


3. Chronic Stress can be cured…

via our holistic and systemic approach to team development-
The Resiliency Solution™.​​

How Do We Help?


We’ve developed an Organizational Resiliency Program which trains people to increase capacity, connection, and productivity, and addresses workplace concerns such as stress, burnout and fatigue.

Our model provides experiential learning and support to:

  • Increase individual and organizational resilience
  • Train individuals and teams to perform at higher levels
  • Build skills targeting chronic stress​

We offer our Organizational Resiliency Program which facilitates many positive outcomes for businesses, organizations, and relationships.














Meet The Team

Dr. Patrick Jeffs
Founder and CEO
Dr. Patrick Jeffs is a Resiliency Trainer, Coach, and Consultant.  He has worked at the intersection of research, clinical application and business for 15 years in various settings and capacities. He co-founded and is CFO of NC Center for Resiliency, PLLC in Chapel Hill, NC. In addition to his clinical work, he serves as adjunct faculty and has been an invited speak to physicians groups and other health professional organizations.  His scalable programs can include assessments, planning, trainings, and support services that are deliverable to organizations worldwide.
Kimberly Jeffs
Chief Possibility Officer

Kim has worked for almost 20 years at the intersection of mental healthcare and business. Kim heads up business development and is the lead somatic researcher, integrating new applications for the mind-body integration in the workplace. Kim serves as CEO and Chief Possibility Officer at NC Center for Resiliency in Chapel Hill, NC.

Katie Kolls
Program Coordinator

Katie joined The Resiliency Solution combining her passion for healthcare with her Master's degree from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University. Katie plays an integral role in program development, research, and marketing.

Dana Fox
Business Development Consultant

Dana Fox is a marketing and operational consultant to The Resiliency Solution (TRS) team.  Her areas of focus include introducing new organizations to TRS, supporting partner engagements and evaluating the benefit partners receive from these engagements, and implementing operational processes and technology to maximize the value that TRS provides to its partners.  Her previous experience includes working as a Senior Healthcare Strategist for Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina where she designed and implemented Health and Wellness programs for employers to offer to their employees to increase their employees overall health and well-being. 

In addition, Dana was a Manager at Accenture where she helped to manage a number of large-scale IT implementations which enabled large organizations to work with their various stakeholders in a more efficient, value-maximizing manner. Dana received a BA in Marketing and Finance from the University of Virginia.

Hannah Draigh
Marketing Administrative Assistant
Hannah is often found behind the scenes of TRS helping our marketing team with administrative responsibilities and marketing leads. Hannah works with TRS staff, management, vendors, media, and customers supplying information regarding TRS and helps with the small tasks that help our team make a big impact.

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